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Privacy Policy


Thank you for using YoungCurrent!
We at YoungCurrent realize that for you as a parent or a teacher, the privacy and the safety of your children is really important. We take the privacy of our users very seriously. YoungCurrent, aggregates child-safe news articles and presents them to users (who have signed up with us) to match their reading ability. To match the user’s reading ability, we ask for the current grade level when the user signs up. We strive very hard to protect this and any other user information we collect so that you and your child(user) don’t have to worry about his/her privacy and only focus on getting the most educational and entertainment value out of YoungCurrent. We would love to work with you to make sure that you are in the know and have all the required information to make sure that your child is having a safe experience on YoungCurrent. We have tried to write this as simply as possible. Please let us know if you have any questions via the email provided at the end of this page.

Below are the details of what we offer, what information we collect and how we use it to provide the best user experience.

What information do we collect and How do we use it?

YoungCurrentcollects Personal information such as Name, email ID (from students 13 years of age and above) and current grade from the students. Depending on which country you are in and your child’s age, he/she may not be legally able to have an email address. However, if the child is using his/her email address to use YoungCurrent, you as the parent are solely responsible for your child’s activities on YoungCurrent and third-party links. We also ask for the parent’s email ID at the time of signing up to be able to send you details of login information. We also collect information of users’ location (at a City level) to understand where our users are originating. YoungCurrent will never share this information with third parties without the written consent from the parents.We collect this information to assign the articles that match the grade level of the user.

Pro Tip for Parent: Make sure to enter your email ID under Parent’s Email Address to receive information about your child’s progress on YoungCurrent. You can always edit this on the "Settings" page.
News Aggregation from third parties:

While we do everything in our power to make sure that the content we provide or aggregate from the internet is child-safe, there may be instances where some information my not be considered child-appropriate in all countries. Please note that our Services contains links to other websites and online services. If you or your child choose to visit a third party service or an advertiser by “clicking on” a third party link, you will be directed to that third party’s website or online service which may or may not be child-safe or child-friendly. The fact that welink to a website, content or present a banner ad or other type of advertisement is not an endorsement, authorization or representation of our affiliation with that third party, nor is it an endorsement of their privacy or information security policies or practices. Other websites and services follow different rules regarding the use or disclosure of the personal information you submit to them. We encourage you to read the privacy policies or statements of the other websites and services you use. We do not exercise control over third party websites or services.

Pro Tip for Parent: Monitor the Reports page to monitor what your child has learnt in a particular week. Ask your children to be wary of any third party links they may come across and ask them to do so only under your supervision.

How to Contact us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or the Service, please contact us at


As YoungCurrent evolves, we will make changes to this Privacy policy to make sure that it stays relevant to our users.